1) Q: Is Nirvana events only for the specially abled kids?
A: Though it is initiated aimed at those specially abled children, it also accommodates and gives opportunities to mainstream children.

2) Q: Does adults participate in the events?
A: Yes, they do , depending upon the theme and requirements.

3) Q: If I am located away from Delhi, can I still participate and be a member?
A: Yes you can, as Nirvana events will soon be coming to all major cities in India and abroad.

4). Q: What is the Registration process and Fees if any?
A: Registration is simple. You can register yourself/ sponsor/others by simply filling our Registration Form provided in the section and an Onetime Registration Fees of Rs. 200/- only.

5) Q: Are there any other payments required?
A: There is no payment apart from participation fees.

6) Q: How does Nirvana recognise participant’s performances?
A: a)At each event, Certificates of Recognition will be Provided in each category.
b) Trophies/Mementos will be bestowed as well on several categories.

7) Q: Is media coverage available?
A: We have full electronic & Print media coverages of our entire events.

8) Q: Is uploading of event pictures & Videos allowed?
A: Yes it is allowed subject to prior approval from us with the content.

9) Q: What is the provision for cancellation of participation?
A: Cancellation with a valid reason maybe considered and adjusted for next event as the case maybe.

10) Q: Any other benefits/ advantages of Nirvana events?
A: You will get noticed and recognitions for ur skill/talents from media houses and dignified guests / public at our events and all those collaborating with us. And a window of opportunity may open anytime.

All the Best: Team Nirvana