Our Philosophy

At a point in life, when a child goes to his/her mom and says that she needs to perform in front of an audience like others do, but aint offered any chance to do so. The mother simply not takes her to different stages, however makes a stage for her where she, yet every other child like her can perform., Without the fear of being judged, compared or thought about. Where the child and Parent have the right and opportunity to be in ecstasy.

Very much like food, practice and meditation, a snooze of being in bliss is fundamental for all and particularly our phenomenal children.

Not to restrict ourselves or our children to one spot or restricted crowd/audience, NIRVANA intends to offer wings to kids, so that they can fly past their limited thoughts. Children from all over India are heartily welcome to show their talent and reclaim great recollections with them. Also, Nirvana ventures to grow its own wings across borders and nations.

Allowing each kid to fly with rhythm in his body and delightful colours in his mind, that is the essence of Nirvana.